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Fellowship Request
Sanofi Pasteur U.S. has developed a process to facilitate application for fellowship funding. Only one fellow per specialty program, with a maximum of 3 at any institution at any given time can be funded.
At the present time, the grant request format is not specifically designed to accommodate the specific criteria required for review of fellowship requests. Please complete the existing grant application ensuring the following information is included:

  • Name of Institution
  • Name of Department in which fellow will be affiliated
  • Names of the following individuals:
    • Department Chairperson
    • All faculty and fellows in the department
    • Fellowship Program Director
  • A brief description of the institutional experience in pre-clinical and/or clinical research
  • Description of the fellowship training program and how funds will be utilized to facilitate training of the recipient(s) in the basic skills and specialized research methods needed to become an independent investigator and expert clinician in a particular disease area
  • Explanation of how the fellow will be mentored in research and what percent of time is allocated to research
  • Any data on the track record of the fellowship program in producing fellows who present and/or publish, or go on to careers involving research or leadership roles.
  • Description of how the fellowship program will be evaluated and any prior information.
  • Disclosure of past or present financial relationship with Sanofi Pasteur by any member of the staff in past 2 years (e.g. speaker, fellowship support, trials etc.)
  • Itemized budget - not to exceed $75K per year with a maximum of 2 years.

The total may include direct costs and indirect costs/fringe benefits (which must be reasonable and consistent with the academic medical institution's current practice). Indirect costs/fringe benefits may not support non-educational or overhead costs such as housing, research costs, computers, equipment, books, journals, etc. and may not exceed 30% of the salary funding. Funding generally does not exceed two consecutive years.

Be sure to carefully review the Eligibility and Preparing a Funding Request sections on the website home page to facilitate entering your request and to ensure that you are aware of important information.

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